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Project Description

A new project of taking 'porch portraits’ of our Evian neighbors is underway during this difficult time of COVID-19, as a way to reaching out to our neighbors.

I (Peter) am an avid photographer, specializing in portraits. We’d like to share this skill with others during this challenging time.

The setting can be your front porch, back deck, or driveway. We will keep at least 6 feet away to take the photo. We can wear masks too if that will make you feel more comfortable.

You’ll receive a JPEG format file you may print out. I am not charging for the portrait, but would appreciate a signed model release form so I can add to my photography website. (This isn’t required, though – we’ll take portraits anyway.)

The theme is: What are you doing to get through this pandemic? Maybe playing games, reaching out to others, exercising, movie binging, maybe you are a front-line worker. It can be serious or funny and you can dress however. A sentence or two describing how you are dealing will become a caption that I’ll post with the photo on my website.

You can elect to post your name(s) or not, even just first names too. You can use a prop (maybe relating to how you’re coping) or just have a straightforward portrait.

We’ll be able to get to know our neighbors a bit as you can see other neighbor’s portraits in the gallery.

We hope this will be something enjoyable to do, give you a nice portrait, and a way to make connections.

Peter & Elizabeth

591 Pewter Drive

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