Peter Guman

photo  by R. Friedman

photo by R. Friedman

Artistic Vision

Although I enjoy many different types of photography, including landscapes and macro, my passion is portraits, street photography, and photo essays.  With portraits, it’s about connecting with people. Capturing an aspect about them as I’m not sure you can capture the complete person. Their personality. Translating a concept about themselves. Something that is important to them.  Documenting how they want to be perceived in the world.  In street photography, it’s a dynamic and ever-changing scene. Human interactions with each other and his/her environment.  People moving in a complex environment.  Taking a slice of that moment. Highlighting something that I see that maybe other people don’t.   For photo essays, documenting an untold story.  A set or series of photographs that are made to evoke a series of emotions in the viewer.  Every human being is drawn to stories. A picture is worth a thousand words.  What stories need to be told?

My Business

A percentage of profits from my photography business, 10%, goes towards charitable causes.

Interest in Photography

My initial interest in photography began in late high school when I met a neighbor who had a darkroom in his basement and did part-time wedding photography. Creating images in the dark had a unique fascination for me.   I wasn’t good at drawing or painting, however, I’m a very visual person.  Photography seems like a natural way to combine my interest in science and making art.

My first camera was a Minolta SRT 101 and also had a Mamiya C330 Twin Lens Reflex.  I took several college classes in photography and for a brief while worked in a Ritz Camera store in Philadelphia. 

As my career in software sales and project management started to wind down, I found a renewed interest in photography, both the art and new technology of the digital camera.

Photography was always something I loved and now I have more time to hone my skills and explore how I could use my art to have an impact in the world.  I’m a Sony a7 iii mirrorless shooter.

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